Prayers for Exams

Good Luck to all the local Students who will be taking their exams in the next few weeks.


Prayer for Exams

Dear God

As I approach the exam

that is ahead of me,

gift me with the skills

that I need in order to do my best.

I bring before you my nervousness

and my fears,

along with my hopes and my dreams

and invite you to be with me.

I pray that I experience

the calmness that the Holy Spirit brings.

And whatever the outcome,

I will truly believe

in the unique person that I am.


Prayer for Wisdom

Dear God

As I think about my Future

and the decisions ahead,

I pray for wisdom.

I pray to make the right choices

for me and those around me.

May I always be open,

even if it is the hardest decision to make.

Give me the Strength

to accept all the implications

this will have on my future

and bless me as I journey through Life.