Thurles to Clonmel Greenway Campaign

The Clonmel to Thurles Greenway Group are looking for new members to take the campaign to the next level, if interested in helping out contact David Morrissey at the email below or through their Facebook Page.
You may or may not be aware of a campaign group which myself and a few other local people established last Summer of which the purpose of its establishment is to campaign for a Greenway that links the Towns of Thurles and Clonmel via Fethard by using where it is possible to do so, the former rail route that once linked the two towns.
At present, there is a strong possibility that Tipperary County Council and Bord Na Mona are very much open to redeveloping the state owned boglands as a cycling/walking track. We would consider this, ‘Stage 1’ of the our overall proposal and we would hope the facilitation of Stage 1 could perhaps lead to further extensions and developments in future.
As you are probably aware, Bord Na Mona plan to decommission the Briquette Factory and adjoining lands in the near future and thus while the jobs lost in this process are undoubtedly devastating for the local area, the creation of a greenway on the vacant land may provide a whole new world of opportunities in terms of creating all new Tourism and economic benefits where there was none previously and thus offset  or even eliminate the impact of those job losses in time
As shown in the case of Waterford, this greenway would prove a huge boost for a predominately rural area and may even lead to the further facilitation of this hugely beneficial infrastructure within the county and along the Clonmel to Thurles route in the future. It is estimated that there is a potential cycling tourism market of 20 million people which Ireland do not have the infrastructure to attract. On top of that it will create an area of leisure and recreation, where families can enjoy the countryside and get exercise.
I am writing to you to ask for your continued support for this campaign and also, whether you are willing to get involved or know of someone within your local community group who could potentially get involved and add value to our group?
We believe firmly that Stage 1 is something very highly achievable here in the not to distant future, but in order to obtain the support of the LEADER Partnership, our group needs to grow and formalise. For purposes such as receipt of funding from LEADER, we need to officially form a community group that can channel any funding towards the relevant bodies to facilitate any feasibility studies. Overall, greater participation in the campaign process will lead to a greater buy in from the local authorities.
Is there any person or group in your local area who is willing to lend their energy and expertise to this campaign? 
David Morrissey
Clonmel to Thurles Greenway Group