Magorban Protestant Church

Magorban Church, built in 1815, is situated in the Barony of Middlethird, and is bounded on the west by the parishes of Ballysheehan, Graystown, St. John’s, Cashel and a portion of Kilconnell; on the east by Killenaule and Rathcoole and on the south by Rathcoole.
The name of this parish is pronounced in Irish as Magh Gurban, which is signified as the Plain of Gurban or Gorban, Campus Gorbani. It does not appear to be of ecclesiastical origin.
There are no old church ruins in this parish at present. In the churchyard near the parish church is a tomb with this inscription at the end of it:-
“Within this vault lie the remains of Thos. B. Godfrey Esq. Only son of John Godfrey of Beechmount Esq., who departed this life on the 29th Jan.,in the 26th year off his age”

“By an esteemed friend”
“Stop, Gentle Travler, Pause a moment here
Shed O’er this cold and Silent Tomb a Tear
The Youth whose Body lies beneath this stone
Whose Soul to Heaven on Seraphs Wings has flown
Respectful would have paused, Oh! more have wept
Where the remains of Anie Christian Slept;
Tears from his eyes would there have stolen away
Like dew drops Glitting inn the morning ray,
Virtue and truth he loved, with Hope was blest
His Guide to Bliss in Relms of lasting Rest.”

The following notice relative to the church of this parish is found in the “Liber Regalis Visitationis” which says:-
Ecclesia de Moygorban – Impropraita ad Atashell, sed Archiepiscopus fructus loco procurationum debetarum sibi exilla Abbathia Curatus nullus.

The Armitage family from Noan House are buried in this graveyard. Those remaining of the same family have left the area since. Magorban Protestant Church is dedicated to The Holy Ghost.

–  The History & Folklore of Killenaue/Moyglass 1990