Graystown National School

There were two schools in Graystown; the first one was built in 1843, at a cost of £60. This was situated opposite Mr. Matthew Galligan’s house, which is approximately two mile from Moyglass village and about one mile from Graystown Cross. Records from the P.R.O. in Dublin, show us that the first teacher to teach here was Phil Dwyer, aged twenty-two. It was a one-roomed building with internal dimensions of 36′ X 15′. The school was slated and had an attendance of approximately forty-five males and thirty females. This school still stands and its features still prominent. Surrounded by trees and close to a rippling stream, it is evident that there were two windows in the front and three in the back. A chimney at one end of the building can still be seen, and the porch and the old door still stand.
This school closed a few years prior to 1937.

The main reason was that a new, more modern building was built to replace it. This school opened in 1937 and still stands in Graystown as a dwelling house. This is located approximately half a mile from Graystown Cross, on the road to Killenaule. This school closed in 1971.

– The History & Folklore of Killenaule/Moyglass 1990